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iPhone 5S Screen Repair in Montreal

iPhone’s are amazing little devices, especially if you are a non-tech savvy Montreal resident who just loves to get stuff done. Whether it’s games like Angry Birds or social media apps like Snapchat, people love their iPhone’s and the ability it gives them to connect with their friends and family. With great popularity comes problems though, and your iPhone is quite susceptible to hardware problems due to falls, mistakes and general wear and tear. Apple has an extended warranty, appropriately named Apple Care that can get you a completely refurbished phone of the exact same model within 24 hours, however third party cell phone repair in Montreal has been growing in popularity over the last few months. This is for several reasons, which we’ll cover in today’s blog post.

Fast and Convenient iPhone 5S Screen Repair

As better OEM quality components such as replacement iPhone LCD screens become available the ability for local Montreal repair shops to get the job done faster and better. Gone are the days of shipping your phone to the other side of the country and waiting weeks to get it back. Simple fixes like a cracked or smashed iPhone 5 screen, or replacing weak batteries are straight forward and can be done locally by experienced iPhone repair technicians. Services like on University Street can get a broken screen fixed in as little as 60 minutes which is must better than 1-2 days through Apple.

There are tons of repair options throughout Montreal and to be honest, not all are equal. There certainly is a difference in the quality of parts used, and cheaper screens, batteries and internal components will do damage to your phone. Apple doesn’t cover repairs done by other local cell phone shops so the responsibility is on you to make sure you don’t have a random guy repair your phone and do more damage than you initially had.…

Same Day iPhone Repair in Edmonton, AB

We’ve certainly all been there – hurrying on our way and we accidentally drop our new iPhone and break or crack the outside of our screen. In some cases it may just be a crack, in other cases it’s totally smashed but either way you probably want the issue fixed ASAP. The reality is you are not alone and tons of Edmonton residents suffer from hardware issues with their iPhone ranging from broken screens, weak battery duration and even liquid damage. If you need these issues diagnosed and ultimately fixed. then third party cell phone repair is the most popular and growing service and aims to solve this.

Apple doesn’t necessarily service any of these individual hardware issues but a local iPhone repair professional can certainly get your screen, battery or home button fixed. Probably the best part is that the demand is so steady that expedited and same day repairs are industry standard. You can walk into an Edmonton area cell phone repair shop needing an iPhone screen replacement and get it fixed while you grab a coffee or bite to eat next door or run some errands. Other minor hardware repairs like charging ports, batteries and audio issues – normally not fixed individually by Apple – can be diagnosed and replaced the same day.

As with any other service type business, it is your responsibility to find the highest quality repair services. The best way to do this from our experience is to make sure the technicians repairing your broken iPhone offer a solid warranty that accounts for any issues with parts or service. At least 30-60 days is the norm, but anything less than that should be suspect.

iPhone Screen Replacement in Southside Edmonton

The most common problem most Apple users run into, especially with older devices is a broken, cracked or unresponsive iPhone screen. Same day repair of these type of problems is much easier than you think, and the pricing is super affordable especially when compared to getting an entirely new screen.

Average pricing is listed below, current as of Fall 2015

  • iPhone 4/4S ~$60-70
  • iPhone 5 ~$100
  • iPhone 5S ~$120-130
  • iPhone 5C ~$130
  • iPhone 6 ~$150-160

Finding Quality iPhone Repair Shops in Ann Arbor

The iPhone has been released for almost 9 years now, and the cultural implications have been amazing. So many apps have increased user engagement and productivity and created many niche markets. One of the little appreciated effects of the iPhone though, has been the growing iPhone repair industry, especially in Ann Arbor MI. Apple themselves have been notoriously slow about addressing the growing number of people with minor hardware issues, which has allowed third party operators to fill the void and offer their services.
Issues like a broken iPhone screen have been plaguing users since the initial release in 2007 and factories in the Far East have been producing replacement components of varying quality since then as well. PC and cell phone repair technicians in Ann Arbor started offering LCD replacement, home button repairs and battery swaps at affordable rates in order to keep their customers from being forced into upgrading phones and also meet the need, and this has since expanded quite a bit. Atlanta residents are quite dependent on their devices so there have even been on-site iPhone repair services. These guys actually come to you in a truck or van, sit in front of you and fix your device within 30 minutes. If there is anything that shows the dedication of the user, as well as the need for dependable cell phone and iPhone repair services in Atlanta, it’s this. What can you expect to pay, and what can actually be fixed on a broken iPhone though? It’s not everything and it’s up to you to educate yourself so you know what’s going on when someone takes apart your iPhone.

Broken iPhone 4/5 Screens

Probably the reason you’ve looked into iPhone repair in the first place is the all too common cracked or broken iPhone screen. When it comes to this type of repair, it can be completed in most cases within the hour. The entire front display, including the glass overlay comes off and is essentially tossed out and replaced. Small screws and delicate interior components make this a challenging repair, but an experienced Michigan cell phone repair technician can certainly get it done without a problem.…

Don’t Throw Out Your Broken iPhones!

Smartphones and especially iPhone’s have been getting more powerful and more expensive as the years have passed, but the risks of you dropping it and cracking the LCD screen has likely not gotten any better. Everywhere you go you’ll see people with cracked screens, back panels, charging issues and in some cases water damage. Often the first reaction would be to scrap your phone online for whatever you can get and move on to the next better phone, but there actually are more efficient and affordable alternatives. If you have issues like a cracked screen, or even a battery or home/power issue these are actually not as hard to fix as you may think. Instead of heavily devaluing your device, consider looking into third party Jacksonville FL iPhone repair. You’ll be surprised how easy something like swapping a battery out is and how it can help retain the value of your used iPhone 4 or 5S. You can even buy a used phone off eBay or CraigsList and get the problem fixed for cheaper than a new iPhone.

Some of the most common issues that can be fixed within reason are as follows

  • Broken or Cracked Front LCD Display
  • Weak Battery Life – not lasting the entire day? Change the battery.
  • Sticky or inactive home or power button.
  • Unresponsive touch digitizer
  • Water or Moisture Damage

Most basic components are not hard to repair, however you should bring it to a professional smartphone repair service provider in Jacksonville since there are definitely tons of small parts that you can mess up trying to do it yourself. On top of that, prices have dropped heavily for the average user and are complemented by fast service that makes getting a functional phone back in your hands as convenient as possible. Our last recommendation is to avoid the lowest cost cheap suppliers as they are often using low quality parts which are susceptible to breaking again and aren’t really worth it. Also a standard monthly warranty should be present as it protects you against shoddy service or any bad parts. Make sure you verify the length of the warranty and what it covers specifically before you hand over your iPhone to get fixed. At the end of the day, you can definitely salvage a broken iPhone, but it is your responsibility as the consumer to make sure you get it fixed properly and by the best professionals in Jacksonville.…

Getting An iPhone Fixed In Winnipeg

I was recently on a work related trip to Winnipeg and as many other travellers have done before forgot my lightning port charging cable for my iPhone in Ottawa before I jumped on my flight. Perhaps worse than that I actually dropped my iPhone once I arrived at the airport and cracked the front screen rendering it useless and unresponsive to my touch. I had never broken an iPhone physically before so I was clueless as to the repair process, especially in a place like Winnipeg. Are there third party repair services, can they be trusted or am was I perhaps better off taking it directly to an Apple Retail location? This was definitely a learning process for me, and if you ever find yourself with a cracked iPhone 5 or 6 screen in Winnipeg, here is what I learned and how you can save time and money with the different options available.
The first thing I found out is that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus repair out here as with most places is considerably more expensive than the iPhone 4S or 5 models. This is due to the market supply of actual quality parts being pretty bare and thus the prices haven’t come down as much as we’d hope. None the less, third party repair prices in the Winnipeg area are hovering around the $200 range from my research and this includes a 30-90 day warranty in most cases.
My other option from what quick research I was able to complete is to take your device to the nearest Apple Retail location. They do in fact fix broken iPhone 4, 4S and 5 screens however from what I’ve heard and read they basically give you a brand new refurbished phone which is a big inconvenience in terms of restoring all you old data, music and contacts. In my case they actually gave me an entirely new iPhone 6 for a $120 fee since it was less than one year old (as all newer iPhone’ are). This may be a temporary offer but if you find yourself in a bind, it is certainly the most cost effective option on the market I’ve found.

If you have a broken iPhone 4 or 5 or even another hardware issue like a stuck home button or horrible battery life, I’d definitely look into the third party smartphone repair businesses. Through out my research I did find some local shops who were more than willing to assist me, one of which was – click to visit their website – they also repair laptop and iPad screens if you ever find yourself in need.…