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Finding Quality iPhone Repair Shops in Ann Arbor

The iPhone has been released for almost 9 years now, and the cultural implications have been amazing. So many apps have increased user engagement and productivity and created many niche markets. One of the little appreciated effects of the iPhone though, has been the growing iPhone repair industry, especially in Ann Arbor MI. Apple themselves have been notoriously slow about addressing the growing number of people with minor hardware issues, which has allowed third party operators to fill the void and offer their services.
Issues like a broken iPhone screen have been plaguing users since the initial release in 2007 and factories in the Far East have been producing replacement components of varying quality since then as well. PC and cell phone repair technicians in Ann Arbor started offering LCD replacement, home button repairs and battery swaps at affordable rates in order to keep their customers from being forced into upgrading phones and also meet the need, and this has since expanded quite a bit. Atlanta residents are quite dependent on their devices so there have even been on-site iPhone repair services. These guys actually come to you in a truck or van, sit in front of you and fix your device within 30 minutes. If there is anything that shows the dedication of the user, as well as the need for dependable cell phone and iPhone repair services in Atlanta, it’s this. What can you expect to pay, and what can actually be fixed on a broken iPhone though? It’s not everything and it’s up to you to educate yourself so you know what’s going on when someone takes apart your iPhone.

Broken iPhone 4/5 Screens

Probably the reason you’ve looked into iPhone repair in the first place is the all too common cracked or broken iPhone screen. When it comes to this type of repair, it can be completed in most cases within the hour. The entire front display, including the glass overlay comes off and is essentially tossed out and replaced. Small screws and delicate interior components make this a challenging repair, but an experienced Michigan cell phone repair technician can certainly get it done without a problem.