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Getting An iPhone Fixed In Winnipeg

I was recently on a work related trip to Winnipeg and as many other travellers have done before forgot my lightning port charging cable for my iPhone in Ottawa before I jumped on my flight. Perhaps worse than that I actually dropped my iPhone once I arrived at the airport and cracked the front screen rendering it useless and unresponsive to my touch. I had never broken an iPhone physically before so I was clueless as to the repair process, especially in a place like Winnipeg. Are there third party repair services, can they be trusted or am was I perhaps better off taking it directly to an Apple Retail location? This was definitely a learning process for me, and if you ever find yourself with a cracked iPhone 5 or 6 screen in Winnipeg, here is what I learned and how you can save time and money with the different options available.
The first thing I found out is that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus repair out here as with most places is considerably more expensive than the iPhone 4S or 5 models. This is due to the market supply of actual quality parts being pretty bare and thus the prices haven’t come down as much as we’d hope. None the less, third party repair prices in the Winnipeg area are hovering around the $200 range from my research and this includes a 30-90 day warranty in most cases.
My other option from what quick research I was able to complete is to take your device to the nearest Apple Retail location. They do in fact fix broken iPhone 4, 4S and 5 screens however from what I’ve heard and read they basically give you a brand new refurbished phone which is a big inconvenience in terms of restoring all you old data, music and contacts. In my case they actually gave me an entirely new iPhone 6 for a $120 fee since it was less than one year old (as all newer iPhone’ are). This may be a temporary offer but if you find yourself in a bind, it is certainly the most cost effective option on the market I’ve found.

If you have a broken iPhone 4 or 5 or even another hardware issue like a stuck home button or horrible battery life, I’d definitely look into the third party smartphone repair businesses. Through out my research I did find some local shops who were more than willing to assist me, one of which was – click to visit their website – they also repair laptop and iPad screens if you ever find yourself in need.