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I Got My iPhone Fixed In Dallas

I recently found myself in the sprawling, humid metropolis of Dallas and Fort Worth for business, and while I was enthralled with the warm weather and friendly Texas atmosphere, this didn’t stop me from running into issues with my iPhone screen (again, I might add). While having beers with my friend Juan Gonzalez, who is an Abogado de accidentes (if you can’t tell I’m practicing my Spanish!), my phone slipped out of my pocket when I went to grab it and it basically didn’t survive. It seems even with the pain of previous broken screens, I managed to drop my iPhone 6 getting out of a cab and it fell to the ground and shattered just enough that making a call or sending a text would be almost impossible.

Naturally, Apple cannot get my phone screen fixed within the hour so I set out to find the best local cell phone repair shops in Dallas and the surrounding areas that could get an iPhone screen operational again. A quick Google search brought up FixFinder in Dallas which is a great directory of vetted cell phone and tablet buyers and repair shops within the city (and most US zip code regions). We often do not have the same brands and chains up north that they have in Texas, so separating the good from the bad, especially in an urgent situation is key.

I input the zip code of my hotel and got back several fixers that were within walking and cab (or Uber) distance. I could conveniently view their Yelp ratings and quickly made a decision to go with Cell Phone Repair TX who had 4.5 stars on Yelp and answered the phone right away and gave me a reasonable quote to fix my cracked iPhone 6 screen. Having all the local repair shops in my specific neighborhood listed next to each other so I could call and request a quote for an iPhone screen repair from a variety of different fixers, super fast is definitely convenient and something I’d like to see in Canada soon.

I ended up getting my iPhone 6 screen fixed on the spot, and while I paid less than Apple would charge me, I also saved time which is a major concern to me. I simply can’t be bothered to go days without a phone, especially when I’m travelling for business.