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iPhone 5S Screen Repair in Montreal

iPhone’s are amazing little devices, especially if you are a non-tech savvy Montreal resident who just loves to get stuff done. Whether it’s games like Angry Birds or social media apps like Snapchat, people love their iPhone’s and the ability it gives them to connect with their friends and family. With great popularity comes problems though, and your iPhone is quite susceptible to hardware problems due to falls, mistakes and general wear and tear. Apple has an extended warranty, appropriately named Apple Care that can get you a completely refurbished phone of the exact same model within 24 hours, however third party cell phone repair in Montreal has been growing in popularity over the last few months. This is for several reasons, which we’ll cover in today’s blog post.

Fast and Convenient iPhone 5S Screen Repair

As better OEM quality components such as replacement iPhone LCD screens become available the ability for local Montreal repair shops to get the job done faster and better. Gone are the days of shipping your phone to the other side of the country and waiting weeks to get it back. Simple fixes like a cracked or smashed iPhone 5 screen, or replacing weak batteries are straight forward and can be done locally by experienced iPhone repair technicians. Services like on University Street can get a broken screen fixed in as little as 60 minutes which is must better than 1-2 days through Apple.

There are tons of repair options throughout Montreal and to be honest, not all are equal. There certainly is a difference in the quality of parts used, and cheaper screens, batteries and internal components will do damage to your phone. Apple doesn’t cover repairs done by other local cell phone shops so the responsibility is on you to make sure you don’t have a random guy repair your phone and do more damage than you initially had.