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Same Day iPhone Repair in Edmonton, AB

We’ve certainly all been there – hurrying on our way and we accidentally drop our new iPhone and break or crack the outside of our screen. In some cases it may just be a crack, in other cases it’s totally smashed but either way you probably want the issue fixed ASAP. The reality is you are not alone and tons of Edmonton residents suffer from hardware issues with their iPhone ranging from broken screens, weak battery duration and even liquid damage. If you need these issues diagnosed and ultimately fixed. then third party cell phone repair is the most popular and growing service and aims to solve this.

Apple doesn’t necessarily service any of these individual hardware issues but a local iPhone repair professional can certainly get your screen, battery or home button fixed. Probably the best part is that the demand is so steady that expedited and same day repairs are industry standard. You can walk into an Edmonton area cell phone repair shop needing an iPhone screen replacement and get it fixed while you grab a coffee or bite to eat next door or run some errands. Other minor hardware repairs like charging ports, batteries and audio issues – normally not fixed individually by Apple – can be diagnosed and replaced the same day.

As with any other service type business, it is your responsibility to find the highest quality repair services. The best way to do this from our experience is to make sure the technicians repairing your broken iPhone offer a solid warranty that accounts for any issues with parts or service. At least 30-60 days is the norm, but anything less than that should be suspect.

iPhone Screen Replacement in Southside Edmonton

The most common problem most Apple users run into, especially with older devices is a broken, cracked or unresponsive iPhone screen. Same day repair of these type of problems is much easier than you think, and the pricing is super affordable especially when compared to getting an entirely new screen.

Average pricing is listed below, current as of Fall 2015

  • iPhone 4/4S ~$60-70
  • iPhone 5 ~$100
  • iPhone 5S ~$120-130
  • iPhone 5C ~$130
  • iPhone 6 ~$150-160